Sweet Hotel TV – Hotel Digital Signage


Starting today, you are the director.

The presence of monitors in the hotel common areas and in the rooms, and the increasing use of video as a means of communication have become selling tools for Hotels, while expanding brand awareness.Armed with years of experience in this field, Orange has created Sweet Hotel TV, a digital signage systemconceived exclusively for Hotels. Thanks to our experience in Luxury Hotel communication, we offer highly personalised systems, featuring interactive video contents.  All informative content projected on monitors is accessible through touch screens, like modern day tablets (Transform gesture, Pinch, Swipe, Rotate). All loaded content can form different programmes, according to the location of the monitor in the Hotel. Content can be loaded and modified even before it’s broadcasted. For example, today you could load the logo of a company which has booked a meeting room and you can tell the system to project the logo only on a certain date, at a certain time and for 5 hours.

Sweet Hotel TV enables you to create animated video spots and to share them on your website.

Each monitor is connected via Wi-Fi. All you need is a power point.

Information Meeting Rooms: A dynamic sign system and video guide for conference guests

Weather forecasts + Currency Exchange: A daily update regarding weather, currency exchange rates and stock exchange prices.

City Events: Many informative ads regarding the most important cultural events taking place in the city.

Hotel Promotional Videos: Ads for promoting Hotel and the Hotel Group’s packages.

Hotel Events: Ads for promoting events organised in the Hotel: SPA; Restaurant Menu, Pool.

Emergency Exits: An animated 3D illustration to indicate the quickest route to all the emergency exits

Staff in charge: An  automatically updated system providing a list of the names of staff in charge.

Vocal Messaging Service: Voice overs available for vocal messages to hotel guests

All content is updated every 24H.


Download the catalog here