TTG 2014_Orange Digital Signage “No_Look-No_book”



Orange presents the program “No Look No Book ” :

Winning over clients with low prices and not with your Hotel’s character and charm is a serious strategic error. A client who makes his/her choices based on price will never be loyal and will push you to a price cutting policy in order to follow your competitors.

2014 market research on tourism in Italy highlights a potential client in search of Made in Italy as an expression of beauty, a renewed aesthetic sense, where what is aesthetically beautiful is also good, fair and ethical.

In order to obtain a good review, the quality of service is fundamental, but also and above all, the mood, image, style and personality that the hotel is able to convey through its communication channels communicating with new media such as digital signage. Help your client imagine an amazing, unforgettable stay!

Because each user’s experience starts much earlier than when they step into your Hotel.

It starts with a click…

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